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Park and Rec Initiation Hockey

Park and Rec Initiation Hockey Info

Initiation Hockey FAQ

Who do I contact if I still have a question?
Send email to, or text/call Jeff Holgate 605.520.2157 or Max Borkhuis 605.881.3751

What if I missed equipment checkout?
Contact Jeff or Max (see contact information above.)

Will my child be in Initiation Hockey One or Initiation Hockey Two?
Typically, IH1 is for 5-6 year old kids and IH2 is for 7-8 year old kids.  But kids may be placed in a different group for safety and success.

How early can my child be at the rink?
Players can arrive at the rink 15 minutes prior to practice time.  Initiation hockey players should arrive at the rink dressed for hockey.  Skates and helmet can be put on at the rink.

Is hockey done by Thanksgiving?
Initiation Hockey is a park and rec program that finishes November 24th, 2020.  If the players want to continue playing hockey they can register with Watertown Hockey Association and continue into February.  Links to WHA registration can be found at

How do I put all this hockey gear on?
Watch this video for an explanation on how to dress your little hockey player.  Link to video.